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About Granpa

The Granpa Cratchet Corporation is a well established touring and production company. We perform hundreds of shows annually at more than 50 various venues entertaining more than a hundred thousand people throughout the United States. Over the years our shows have toured in nearly every state as well as Canada and Mexico. We have been sponsored by Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Children's Mylanta and multiple other fortune 500 companies as well as various appearances on CBS, NBC, FOX and many radio stations. The Granpa Cratchet Corp has also produces DVD's, CD's, Video Games, and short films. We also provide content for television shows and produce commercials and spokes-characters for companies.

Our Puppetmobiles™ have proven to be a great way to bring our characters to live. Rather than just being a show children and adults are able to build a relationship through first hand encounters with our characters. Whether it be one of Granpa's many trucks, Crop-duster Bi-Plane, or his Tractor Granpa is able to freely interact with the public anywhere he can drive.

We believe that the shows available for today's families lack the traditional values our country was found upon. From the Golden Rule to Work Together every Granpa show teaches an important life lesson in a fun and exciting way. The slapstick humor, wit, and charm of our characters brings these values alive in a new and vibrant way that appeals to audiences of all ages. The Granpa Cratchet Show provides an excellent alternative to the pointless entertainment offered in mainstream entertainment.

What Others Say

“We have had Granpa at our event for many, many years. Kids who saw and loved Granpa many years ago are now bringing their kids to enjoy Granpa. People come back again and again to see their favorite old timer yet the shows remain fresh because Granpa changes his show theme, lesson and jokes every year. He’s here to stay!”
Sheboygan County Fair, Plymouth, Wisconsin - Lois Schrieber

“Granpa is fabulous! Both kids and adults get a kick out of his old truck as he drives around our grounds. We have had him several years now and the Granpa staff is always reliable and professional. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a live show on their grounds.”
Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair - Alta Mosley

“Granpa’s Crop Duster Biplane was a huge hit at our air show. Both kids and adults got a kick out of Granpa’s crazy airline jokes as well as all the special effects on his air plane. He makes a great spokesman for your advertising and an excellent greeter at the main gate.”
Galesburg Air Show - Denny Johnston

“Granpa was a big hit at our event. He comes completely self contained with everything you need to put on both a big stage show and a strolling act, all rolled into one. He was also a huge hit with the local media. He made appearances on talk radio, made commercials for us, appeared on live TV shows from early morning to late night. The media coverage he helped us generate alone was worth the price.”
Gold Triangle Fair - Steve White

“Granpa’s staff was very easy to work with”
The Franklin/Southhampten Fair

“Thanks very much for a great performance. We loved having you all and look forward to having Granpa back again.”
Green County Fair - Joyce Simms

“I saw the show with a group of kindergarten student, who just loved your show!. Thanks for the extra effort I doing that special show for us.”
Grundy County Corn Festival - Coleen Shubert

“Very good show. We hope to be able to get you back next year”
Hocking Co. Fair - Scott Vermillion

“Granpa is wonderful to work with and very good at what they do.”
Lapeer Days - Charles Mitchell

“Our multi year relationship with Granpa has been a great association. We love Granpa!”
National Strawberry Festival - R.A. Nodwell

“Granpa has been a part of our event through a multiyear contract. The staff is great to work with, the stage show is a real hoot and Granpa driving around in his Puppetmobile is the icing on the cake.”
South East Missouri Fair – Cameron Mitchell

“Granpa Cratchet has been a part of the Howard County Fair’s lineup of entertainment for nearly twenty years now and he just keeps getting better. The crowds remain strong as kids are now bringing their kids back to meet the Granpa they came to know and love at our fair. Every year Granpa comes up with a new show theme and a new lesson to teach the kids that parents love. He also changes his mobiles every year to keep the show fresh and interesting while people come back again and again to see a character they love.”
Howard County Fair – Jay Freeman

“Granpa is a huge hit at our fair so we keep brining him back again and again and the crowds just keep growing. Granpa visits many Day Care Centers as part of our publicity and he’s always a big hit in our parade. One year he went through the whole parade five times. That has to be a record!”
Aurora Farmer’s Festival – Larry Petty

Partner with Granpa

There is no matching the exceptional value of sponsoring the Granpa Cratchet show.
You will receive:
  •     A custom tailored show to promote your product
  •     Product sampling
  •     Live appearances
  •     Full signage on all equipment
  •     Nationwide representation
  •     More than half a million impressions
  •     The most successfully sponsored show in our industry
  •     Media representation
  •     Live show mentions
  •     a specialized promotional plan that suits your needs and budget

 Some of our happy corporate sponsors:
  •     Builders Square
  •     Children's Mylanta
  •     United Airlines
  •     Subway
  •     Pepsi
  •     Home Depot
  •     McDonalds
  •     First National Bank
  •     Winn-Dixie
  •     Alltel
  •     Coca-Cola
  •     Taco Bell
  •     Albertson's
  •     Exxon
  •     K-Mart
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